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available PRODUCTS: 


• Do-It-Yourself Kit
• Recycled Cardboard
• Powerful Sound (2 x 5 Watt)
• High Quality Screenprint


• Compact and versatile
• Easy to assemble
• 360° Full Color Offset Print
• Suitable as packaging


A selection of custom boombox designs we created for global brands:

A promotional gift like no other.

The Berlin Boombox for your brand
Use this unique mobile speaker with a customized design for your advertsing campaign or as a marketing tool. The Berlin Boombox is a gadget which makes great promotional giveaways, corporate gifts for clients, a merchandising gadget, a tool for your business communication. It’s a lifestyle item that your audience will love and which will communicate your brand values in an outstanding way. Everyone loves music and this Bluetooth speaker is truly unique.

Stand out from the crowd
You are looking for a high quality giveaway for your clients or as a prize? You want something unique? The Berlin Boombox is not only a sustainable promotional product, it is also a design object which will make your brand look great.

Possibilities for your brand
People will love to play their music with this retro styled cardboard speaker. The packaging is optimized to save storage space and can be shipped easily.
We can print the Berlin Boombox and the packagin with your logo, claim, your corporate colors and design elements. We can also develop design and branding ideas and ways to create branded packaging solutions.