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  • Cover Art for Berlin Boombox Mixtape #25
    Portrait of Karla Kenya
    Berlin Boombox Mixtape #25

    Karla Kenya inspired by 80s80s

    This mixtape is a collaboration with 80s80s Radio.
    Together we present Karla Kenya, DJ from Berlin with her own radio show on Kiss FM. Karla likes to suprise her listeners, she prides herself of never playing more than threee tunes from the same genre. For this mixtape she took her inspiration from the 80s.
    80s80s Radio is a new digital radio brand made for the Generation MTV. Hand selected 80s music, urban lifestyle, relevant content. On Air in Hamburg from spring 2015 and online worldwide on Digital Radio / DAB +

  • Cover Art for Berlin Boombox Mix #24
    Portrait of PWNDTIAC
    Berlin Boombox Mixtape #24


    The PWNDTIAC cruises around Leipzig with warm basslines, crispy drumsets and cheesy synths. Put on your dancing shoes and come along for a ride with this mixtape featuring PWNDTIAC's smash hit "Hey Girl!"

  • Cover Art for Berlin Boombox Mix #23
    Portrait of ESSNTL
    Berlin Boombox Mixtape #23


    Straight from LA comes this slow jammin', intense mixtape, mixed by ESSNTL. He is resident DJ at "Over Easy LA", and describes himself as "just a kid in love with The Sound".

  • Cover Art for Berlin Boombox Mixtape #22
    Berlin Boombox Mixtape #22

    Manuel Brenner

    Manuel Brenner from Stuttgart takes us on a dancefloor journey, from deep chords to pumping house tracks. Mixed with two turntables and a mixer like it's supposed to be!

  • Cover Art for Berlin Boombox Mix #21
    Berlin Boombox Mixtape #21

    DJ EDY K

    After a couple of Oldschool mixtapes this contribution by DJ EDY K from Frankfurt is for the New School. Contemporary Rap and futuristic beats for your boombox.

  • Cover Art for Berlin Boombox Mix #20
    Portrait of Beatpete
    Berlin Boombox Mixtape #20


    Take a trip down memory lane with this mixtape by BeatPete. Tracks from 1988-1995, the era of Yo! MTV Raps. Recorded exclusively for the launch of the 'Yo! MTV Raps Boombox' at Store in Berlin

  • Cover Art for Berlin Boombox Mix #19
    Berlin Boombox Mixtape #19


    Our latest contribution comes from Inkswel, a producer and DJ from down under. Renowned for making strong connections between early 80s hip hop, post disco, early chicago house and all things funk related. Inkswel has also had tracks/releases on Rush Hour Records, Firecracker, Dopeness Galore, Wolf Music,Kinfolk, Superior Elevation, Rebirth and countless other underground labels.This mix is a selection of his own hip hop based house edits, future soul, 80s funk, obscure house and weirdo techno business.

  • Cover Art for Berlin Boombox Mix #18
    Portrait of Discobelle DJ team
    Berlin Boombox Mixtape #18


    A deep and dark mixtape from famous music bloggers and DJ team Discobelle … all the way down from Sweden. Discobelle has been our favorite music blog for a long time, so we are especially stoked to have them on board our mixtape series. 

  • Cover Art for Berlin Boombox Mix #17
    UltraSyd portrait
    Berlin Boombox Mix #17


    1 UP! French Chiptune artist Ultrasyd hooked up his 8-bit equipment to a Berlin Boombox and recorded this short and crazy live session in his studio.
    All music composed by UltraSyd on an Atari STe (software: maxYMiser) and a Game Boy (software: LSDJ).
    Une Boombox s'il vous plaît!

  • Cover Art for Berlin Boombox Mix #16
    portrait of DJ Smooth
    Berlin Boombox Mixtape #16

    DJ Smooth

    This one is for House heads and R&B lovers alike. Mixed by DJ Smooth from Berlin. Didn't quite make it into the jury's top 10 of the mixtape contest, but we love it and wouldn't want to miss this in our mixtape series.

  • Fresh Out the Boombox by MidiFlash
    Fresh out the Boombox


    Hip Hop production team MidiFlash pop an authentic boom bap mixtape into their ghettoblaster. All 13 tracks are exclusive tracks and remixes produced by MidiFlash and mixed by DJ Don Dado.
    "Fresh Out The Boombox" matches the oldschool vibe of the Berlin Boombox perfectly. MCs include well respected artists such as M-Dot, Nutso, Planetary, Block McCloud, Jaysaun, DJ Mirko Machine & Spax, Morlockk Dilemma… just to name a few.

  • Cover Art
    The Way We Used To (House Edition)

    Top Billin Soundsystem

    We're celebrating the release of the TopBillin X Berlin Boombox special edition with this mixtape.
    Top Billin Soundsystem from Finland presents banging House music, all classics, the way we used to play.

  • Cover Art for Berlin Boombox Mix #15
    lkwd Portrait
    Berlin Boombox Mix #15


    LKWD brings us this awesome HipHop mixtape and drops in some funk and soul grooves. Shouts to our man LKWD from Düsseldorf who claimed one of the top 10 spots in our mixtape contest presented in collaboration with

  • Cover Art for Berlin Boombox Mix #14
    Berlin Boombox Mix #14


    Turn up your boombox and blast this HipHop mixtape by DJ Ikom. Great mixing skills and superb selection of tracks. We can't stop our heads from nodding to these beats, which earned Ikom a winning spot in the mixtape contest we presented in collaboration with

  • Cover Art for Berlin Boombox Mix #13
    Berlin Boombox Mix #13

    Robyn Hood

    From Berlin-based Robyn Hood comes this mixtape that sounds rather like something from the streets of London. It takes you on a dubby, grimey bass-heavy trip with some indie dance along the way. This mix got Robyn Hood a winning place in our mixtape contest in collaboration with

  • Cover Art for Berlin Boombox Mix #12
    Berlin Boombox Mix #12

    XL TheRedOne

    Another winner of our mixtape contest in collaboration with a short and sweet mix of breaks, beats and rap.

  • Cover Art for Berlin Boombox Mix #11
    Berlin Boombox Mix #11

    Cut Spencer

    This mixtape will blow your mind! Cut Spencer mixes funky and obscure vinyl from 1980s West Germany and East Germany … treasures from a forgotten era, full of groovy tunes and lyrics that will make you smile.
    This is the most unique entry of our mixtape contest in collaboration with

  • Cover Art for Berlin Boombox Mix #10
    Berlin Boombox Mix #10

    Sergej Fährlich

    The second winner of our mixtape contest in collaboration with DJ Sergej Fährlich from Berlin brings us this mini mix of laid-back broken beats (we won't use the term TripHop here).

  • Cover Art for Berlin Boombox Mix #9 - Holzkrawatte
    Berlin Boombox Mix #9


    Check out this short and sweet mixtape by Holzkrawatte, the winner of our mixtape contest in collaboration with 
    This 17 year old kid mixes oldschool HipHop like back in the days …

  • 06/27/13
    Berlin Boombox Mix #8

    Urmet K

    For the eighth mix in our series Urmet K from London brings us this downtempo summer mix. Urmet K's journey to house music started in '93 as bedroom DJ in Estonia. He's been playing clubs in London like Shoreditch House, Caligula and Groucho Cub. Enjoy this hour of sun-kissed, deep grooves.

  • 02/14/13
    Berlin Boombox Mix #7


    Andres Astorga aka Trujillo is a DJ, Remixer and Producer from Venezuela, tropical land of beautiful women (that's what he says). He contributes this 1 hour set of non-stop pure House grooves.

  • 12/10/12
    Berlin Boombox Mix #6

    Dr. Makarov

    Dr. Makarov has been djing since the early '90s. He held parties in Thuringia from '94 to '99 in different locations between Mühlhausen and Erfurt. Since '99 he's been hosting his party series ''Club Fantastic'', which reflects his passion for the Old School – Acid House, Chicago, Italo Dance, 80s Dance Music. He's been playing all over Berlin, at clubs like Tresor, Globus, Eimer, Maria, Golden Gate, Waldohreule, Frühschoppen.

  • 11/03/12


    DJ Dance is the alias of no one other but Axel Pfaender himself, who's been spinning records since the late 90s when the Berlin club scene was still underground and there was no such thing as MP3s. When you spend your days pampering a monster baby like the Berlin Boombox there aren't many opportunities to spin your beloved house records. So this was a rare opportunity for Axel to select an hour of house vinyls to celebrate the imminent launch of the Berlin Boombox.

  • 11/03/12


    DJ Hilmatic is a veteran of Germany's Hip Hop scene. As a member of 0711Club and DJ for Breite Seite he played clubs across Europe. He also ran his own recordstore Soundshop, together with DJ Emilio. Nowadays he is kind of retired, so I am lucky to have snatched this mix of classic Hip Hop tunes from him.

  • 08/29/12

    Dj Emilio

    DJ Emilio is promoter, producer, vinyl collector, record shop owner and radio show host. The last 25 years music has been dominating his life and the last 20 years he has been dominating clubs in his hometown Stuttgart. His mix takes us back to the funky 60s & 70s.

  • 08/22/12
    Berlin Boombox Mix #2

    Drei Farben House

    Drei Farben House is not only a fellow collector of vinyl records, but also a producer of fine house tunes and boss of his record label tenderpark. He prefers his music to come in the form of big black vinyl discs and he's usually reluctant to record dj-dets, but I was able persuade him to record a set for the Berlin Boombox series. He serves up a mix of sophisticated house with splashes of disco and funk. No tracklist here, but I'm sure a few of the tracks are dubplates of unreleased tracks.

  • 06/01/12
    Berlin Boombox Mix #1


    Estimulo is a man with a truly flawless musical taste and dedicated to the old school. He's always on the lookout for those special moments of dancefloor salvation, digging up classic house, deep techno, old school electro and italo. He obviously has a gigantic collection of vinyl that must have taken an admirable amount of time and love for the music to collect. As part of the Berlin-based futura event and DJ crew, he's hosting events in spots like ://about blank, Horst and Chez Jacki. His weekly Internet Radio Show EstimuloShow is regarded as a mainstay for those who count themselves to the deeper House circles.